How much are your custom jewelleries?

Custom jewelleries differ in their prices due to the differences in gem type, quality, settings and ring size etc.

However, generally our custom made jewelleries cost around $1000-3000++ for everything. You can take our most common price point as a ball park figure to plan your budget for your bespoke journey :)

How long is the waiting time for custom made jewelleries to be ready?

Due to overwhelming response, the waiting time for custom made jewelleries is now 6-8 weeks. 

This is mainly because our factory has very strict Quality Control and we check through every production process. If there is anything that doesn't pass their QC department, they will remake the entire jewellery.

If you need the jewelleries to be completed at a shorter timeframe, a small fee is required.

How do I go about starting my bespoke journey?

Exciting! Now this is the fun part:

If you have no idea where to start, feel free to book an appointment to see the gems. 

If you are visiting other jewellery shops, then visit us last because there were many instances where people come back to get the gem but it was sold already :( Hence the more efficient way to plan your trip is always to visit other places first and come to us last :)

If you already see what you like on our Instagram page, you can proceed to make payment and our designer will get in touch with you to discuss about the settings and fees.

How much do you charge for design fees?

Currently, we charge $150 for 3 design drafts and 1 free alteration. Subsequently, any more edits will be $20 per edit.

Can I do without the design fees?

Absolutely yes! Design fee is totally optional. If you already have a design in mind, we will help you check for the quotation and proceed from there :)

Can I buy the gem from you and set it elsewhere?

We recommend to do the settings with us for a few reasons:

We work with trusted factories to provide quality workmanship, who is willing to go the extra mile to do internal quality control and remake your jewellery if it doesn't pass their QC process. If anything happens to the gem, it is also easier for us to compensate you.

If the workshop you approached accidentally damaged the gem, we will not be able to compensate :(

If I did not see what I like/want on your page, will you be able to source for me?

Generally yes, we can do the sourcing for you but it is not guaranteed that we can find exactly what you want as all gemstones are unique and one of a kind. Let's take paraiba tourmaline for example, it is not easy to find a good quality one that is neon, sparkly, no inclusions and in the exact shape/dimensions that you want.

Some times, it is fate that brings the gem to you, instead of the other way round :)

I have my own gem, can I set it with you?

We do not take in gemstones from customers due to various safety reasons - unless it is diamonds from trusted friends and close customers only.

We have heard stories from both customers and factories that lower quality gems can break during the setting process. Since we do not know the quality of the gems from others, there will be a risk if we take them in. Whereas for our own gems, we checked through very thoroughly and will reject those that do not pass our QC.